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Beer Finder FAQ

  • I'm about to drive/bike/fly a considerable distance to find a beer that is shown in the search results. Are you sure they will have it?

    The data shown in the Libation Location is sales data, and we unfortunately do not know how long that beer may be in stock. For high-profile beers, they may be gone fairly quickly. Your best bet is to give locations a call first to see if they have the beer in stock. Maybe they will save one for you!
  • What happens if I searched for multiple beers?

    The results will include both beers, so if you select Fat Tire and Sunshine, the locations shown could have either beer. Select one beer at time if you are looking for specifics.
  • The beer I am looking for is not listed in the beer list. Can I still get it?

    Probably not. However, the data we have is sales data and assumes that beer purchased is only in location for a certain amount of time. We really don't have current inventory of all retail outlets. You can click on locations and get some really good information, like their phone number, and give 'em a call and find out!