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It’s our 30th anniversary, and we’re brewing up all kinds of celebrations...and beers! To commemorate the long, strange trip it’s been, we handed our brewmaster, Christian Holbrook, the keys to the New Belgium kingdom and told him to make one helluva wild craft beer—and folks, he did not disappoint. This Wild Ale is a blend of five separate beers matured with wild yeast in white wine barrels and fresh oak barrels. It’s also spiced with orange peel, grains of paradise, and Indian coriander, and then dry-hopped. Finally, it’s conditioned in the bottle with wild yeast. Honestly, this beer was so complex, it took us a few tries to get it right. But there’s nothing we love more than a good craft beer challenge—and we couldn’t be more excited with the final outcome.

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Brewing Notes

A special blend of FIVE brews. One batch was matured with wild yeast in virgin French oak wine barrels from Seguin Moreau of Napa, CA. Another was matured with wild yeast in wine barrels from King Estate in Eugene, OR. The remaining batches were acidified with a proprietary lacto culture, spiced with orange peel, grains of paradise, Indian coriander, and dry-hopped with Strata and Triumph. The bottles were also conditioned with wild yeast for further development in the bottle for years to come.

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