Abbey Belgian Style Dubbel

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Belgian Style Dubbel

The story of New Belgium begins with an abbey: Not only were Belgium’s monastic beers the inspiration behind our Colorado brewery, but Abbey, a Belgian-style dubbel, was one of the first beers we released way back in 1991. Since then, it’s become our most award-winning offering. This garnet brown hued Belgian-style dubbel is strong on character and rich in flavor. Seven malts, including caramel Munich and chocolate, and a definitive Belgian yeast, waft off sweet, spicy aromas. Rich tones of chocolate and dark caramel mix with nuanced dried cherries, burnt sugar and figs. Sweet and roasty upfront, followed by a slightly bitter finish, Abbey is a lovely representation of the monastic beers of Belgium. Sip Abbey, and sip New Belgium’s tradition.

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Clear (kegs) or hazy (bottles) with a deep redwood-mahogany, tan head with elegant billowing lacing.


Esters and phenols initially with candy banana and cloves all backed by a substantial malt backbone of caramel, some smoke and dark fruits like berries and plums. Light earthiness and tobacco.


Malty caramel sweetness initially, backed be a mild acrid and spice bitterness. Both gently linger.


Initially coating and mouthwatering, finishes warm and dry. Medium-full body.






Belgian Yeast




Willamette, Nugget, Liberty


Pale, Chocolate, Caramel Munich, Munich, Special W, Black Barley, Oats


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