On a cool, fall evening in NYC, this collaboration experiment was dreamed up with our craft sake friends at Brooklyn Kura. Fast forward two years later, with scribbled notes on a bar top napkin turned into reality, we're so excited to bring you Foeder Kura.

Brewing Notes

We brewed a rice-based lager fermented with Brooklyn Kura's sake kasu - the 'lees', or spent rice, that is leftover and pressed after their Yamahai sake production. This sake was fermented with a gjærkrans - a hand-made, traditional Norwegian yeast wreath - which hangs from the ceiling and gathers their brewery's essence over time. Through primary fermentation at New Belgium with this kasu, we're able to harness this unique flora of micro-organisms by way of Brooklyn. Lastly, we blended in a portion of New Belgium's foeder-aged golden sour and Jasmine Pearls tea, resulting in a floral bouquet of Jasmine, pear, & honeysuckle. 

  • ABV



    Yamahai Kasu

  • HOPS


  • MALT

    Rice, Pale, Pilsner

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