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Our Blender, Lauren Limbach, likes to say that our annual La Folie Grand Reserve release is like taking La Folie to the prom. It's one time each year where we take our beloved signature sour, La Folie, and reinvent its world by featuring some of the most intriguing, exotic, and hard-to-find ingredients we can get our hands on. 2022's release, Velvet Apricot, began by acidifying in Foeder 65 ("Stars & Strikes"). It then was transferred to Foeder 19 ("Drink Me!") for secondary fermentation on 3,300 Black Velvet apricots from Kingsburg Orchards in Central California. We then infused Tellicherry black peppercorns from Old Town Spice Shop and finished the blend on Nitro to give it that creamy layer of foam with a velvety mouthfeel.

  • ABV



    Lager, brettanomyces, other wild yeasts

  • HOPS


  • MALT

    Pale, Pilsner, Special W, Chocolate

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