Southern Vine

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CTA Southern Vine

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Southern Vine

Golden Sour

New Belgium Brewing Company's next Wood Cellar Reserve offering is made for the Southern states. Featuring Scuppernong grapes, the official state fruit of North Carolina, Southern Vine Sour is chock-full of confident and exciting flavors that epitomize the series’ ability to experiment and explore.

For over two years, New Belgium’s brewing team worked to perfect this highly unique and truly wonderful 8.4% ABV golden sour ale. The result? A smooth-drinking golden ale with delightful white grape flavors and semi-dry finish. This one-of-a-kind beer is sweet throughout, sour in the middle, and full of candy pineapple and floral notes.

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Proprietary house mixed culture


Wild Scuppernong grapes, wild Sumac berries


Pale golden, heavy sheen, slight white head and light lacing


Candy pineapple mixed with sweet tarts, floral, touch of vanilla


Starts sweet, smooth sour middle, slightly sweet finish


Medium body, puckering initially and finishing with a light acidity