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From New Belgium Brewing and ODD Media, Green Flags is a new podcast about the quest for a better business model – one that works for us, not the other way around – and makes companies more profitable as a result.

Our intrepid hosts, Adam and Maude, set out to examine the red flags of corporate America today with the goal of illuminating the green flags that represent a humanized approach to business. 

Of course, the world doesn’t need another business podcast for business people. Green Flags is a business podcast for everyone who thinks our system can do better – and wants to help.

After all, businesses touch our lives hundreds of times every day, whether we invite them in, or they intrude like a nosy neighbor. And so many of us feel anxious about the state of American capitalism because we know that our biggest challenges – from inequality to climate change – are closely linked to the red flags of the corporate status quo. Yet we’re part of the system, which means it’s up to all of us to change it.

By illuminating and unpacking paths forward toward a more humanized approach to business, Green Flags can help anyone – from employee to executive – become part of this movement.

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To learn more about New Belgium's pioneering Human-Powered Business model and how it translates into lasting business success and resilience, click here.