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Contractor Approval Process

In an effort to maintain a healthy, safe, and compliant workplace, New Belgium Brewing Company (NBB) requires contractors, vendors, and service providers to meet certain requirements, supply specific documentation, and (when appropriate) attend site safety orientation training before performing work.

The following steps are required for all contractors, vendors, and service providers.

  1. Fill out the Contractor Information Form as completely as possible. Some parts of this form may not apply if you have 10 or fewer employees.  Refer to OSHA Injury and Illness Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements to understand your OSHA recordkeeping requirements more fully.
  2. Review the NBB Contractor & Visitor Safety Standard. We understand that portions of this document might not apply to the work you might perform. Please focus on the parts that do.
  3. Review your Contractor Insurance Requirements, and submit Certificate(s) of Insurance. Page #1 has instructions on how to obtain and submit COIs, and Page #2 describes required limits.
  4. Prepare and submit a Job Hazard Analysis to Your JHA will describe what hazards your team will be exposed to and how you plan on mitigating associated risks. This is described more fully in the NBB Contractor & Visitor Safety Standard.
  5. Email your company’s safety manual to


  • Approval requires completed information form, current insurance that meets all requirements, Job Hazard Analysis, and your company’s safety manual.
  • Submit early to avoid delays! Review and approval will occur weekly. No work will start until the approval process is complete.
  • After approval, but before work begins- you, your primary NBB contact, and/or EHS staff will conduct a site walk and Job Hazard Analysis review.
  • After approval, but before work begins- you need to schedule site safety orientation with your primary NBB contact for all workers who will be performing safety-sensitive tasks.
  • Please direct any questions to your primary NBB contact or to Contractor Approval Team via email at