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  • Pilot Series
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  • Limited Edition
  • IPA
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  • Belgian
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  • Dark
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  • Gose
  • Barrel-aged
  • Stout
    Check Out Stout 4-pk 16oz

    Imperial Stout

    Members Only
    Nootropics IPA 4-pk 16oz cans

    IPA with tea

    Gluhbier 750mL

    Mulled-style sour ale

    Members Only
    Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout 4-pk 16oz

    Mix Pack

    Frambozen 4-pk 16oz

    Raspberry Brown Ale with Cocoa Husks

    The Approach 4-pk 16oz


    Beltane 4-pk 16oz

    Foeder-Aged Lager

    Dragon Pils 4-pk 16oz


    Golden Kriek 4-pk 16oz cans

    Blended Sour with Apricots and Cinnamon

    Cellar Fest 4-pk 16oz

    German-style Fest Beer

    DDH Mango Sour IPA 4-pk 16oz

    Fruited Sour IPA

    Sarsaparilla Sour 4-pk 16oz

    Root Beer Sour

    La Folie Fernandito 750mL

    Aged in fernet and bourbon barrels

    Adding Corners Cherry 750 mL

    Whiskey Barrel-Aged

    Foeder Kura 750mL

    Sake Sour

    UK Spring Break 750mL

    Sour ale with Earl Gray tea

    Blackberry Oscar 750mL

    Whiskey-barrel aged

    Apple Felix 750mL

    Whiskey barrel aged


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