Sour IPA


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Sour IPA

Sour IPA

There’s a point on every kite that’s critical to get right. It’s called the “Bridle Point.” It’s where the tow string connects to the kite. Misplacing that point by one inch can make all the difference when trying to get lift. But when you nail it, that thing soars. That’s what the addition of refreshing acidity from our iconic Wood Cellar does to this hazy IPA. It pushes all those juicy fruity qualities forward and adds a flash of refreshing acidity that truly elevates this hazy IPA to new levels. We’ve been dry-hopping sours for over a decade and just couldn’t resist the opportunity to apply that knowledge to a fruit-forward, hazy IPA. We think you’ll like the result.


Bright orange haze with eggshell white head


Sweet lemon, tangerine, peach, guava, and grapefruit


Strong tartness quickly countered by fruity sweetness and an easy finish.




Citra and Amarillo during fermentation

Special Processing

Hazy IPA base is blended with 20% wood-aged golden sour

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