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NBB X Subpar Parks

Subpar Pale Ale

How someone can spend a day in the Great Smoky Mountains and find the views "terrible" is beyond us. But then, that’s how some people feel about a perfectly balanced pale ale—one of the greatest beer styles ever made. This Earth Day, we partnered with Subpar Parks – a satirical illustration project that combines natural wonders around the world and the one-star reviews people have left online for them.

Together we created Subpar Pale Ale, a beer that is just as underwhelming as the National Parks to which it pays homage. Its floral, citrus, and pine resin notes are reminiscent of the overwhelmingly crisp, piney Rocky Mountain air. We must warn you that just like "America's Best Idea", this beer is not for everyone.

If you think scenic drives are a bore, find wildlife sightings inconvenient, or can't stand the thought of looking at one more lake, this beer may also be 'not worthwhile at all' for you. We hope you find this beer as subpar as our National Parks – cheers!

Who Is

Subpar Parks

Amber is a designer, illustrator, and hand lettering artist with a passion for the outdoors. Her colorful, often punny work is inspired by her interests: spending time outside any way she can, building a creative business, the ups and downs of owning far too many house plants, and, as a major introvert, spending time recharging at home. After years working as a professional graphic designer for non-profits and small businesses, in 2020 she took the leap and began working for herself full-time, when her passion project, Subpar Parks, went viral, and went on to become a New York Times Bestselling book. Now she spends her time creating greeting cards, stickers, prints, and other products featuring her artwork.

When she's not creating new products or trying to keep her plants alive, she's probably hiking, camping somewhere in the middle of the desert in her Xterra, or fixing up the 127-year-old Victorian house she lives in with her husband, Taylor, and their feisty cat, Suki.

Subpar Parks on Instagram Amber Share Designs

Non-Profit Partners


Friends of the Smokies

Friends of Great Smoky Mountains National Park assists the National Park Service in its mission to preserve and protect Great Smoky Mountains National Park by raising funds and public awareness, and providing volunteers for needed projects.
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Rocky Mountain Conservancy

Founded in 1931, the Rocky Mountain Conservancy (formerly the Rocky Mountain Nature Association) is a nonprofit organization supporting Rocky Mountain National Park. When you support the Conservancy, you’re supporting one of our national treasures for generations to come.
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