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NBB X Subpar Parks

SubPar Pale Ale Case Can Render With Bear

This spring, New Belgium and Subpar Parks have joined forces to put a spotlight on our wildlife that falls short of expectations… Endangered wolverines? Perhaps they'd be more popular if we could just get a quick pic. While Subpar Parks usually blends illustrations of global natural wonders with the one-star reviews they've garnered online, this Earth Day, we’ve partnered up to turn the spotlight on the critters within them. Nature crafted the subpar landscapes, but Mr. Bear, your lack of stage presence is “alarming!” Brewed with red currant, raspberries, and Mosaic hops for a balanced Pale Ale that’s sweet and a little bitter, just like your favorite one-star reviews.

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Subpar Parks

Subpar Parks is the creation of Amber Share, a designer, illustrator, and hand lettering artist with a passion for the outdoors. Her colorful, often punny work is inspired by her interests: spending time outside any way she can, building a creative business, and, as a major introvert, spending time recharging at home. 

In 2020, she began working as an artist full-time when Subpar Parks went viral, and went on to become a New York Times bestselling book. Her second book, Subpar Planet, featuring iconic sites around the world, will be out October 1 and is now available for preorder! 


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Non-Profit Partners

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New Belgium Brewing is proud to support the National Wildlife Federation's conservation efforts. 

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New Belgium's Commitment

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New Belgium’s commitment to environmental accountability starts at the foundation of their corporate structure. Before brewing their first beer, New Belgium’s Co-Founders took a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park in 1991 to determine a set of core values the company would adhere to. Born that day was the mantra we inspire environmental change, honoring Earth’s natural resources to brew beer and power us as humans. Keeping to that promise, New Belgium became a certified B Corporation in 2012, was the 1st wind-powered brewery in the United States, developed the 1st carbon-neutral footprint study for beer, released the country’s first certified carbon-neutral beer, and remains a vocal advocate for policy change in the arena of climate action. Each year, coworkers enjoy Earth Day as a paid holiday, encouraging them to get outside and, this year, maybe even enjoy the wildlife in their natural habitats.