For well over a year, we've been dreaming and scheming about the perfect beer that would emulate one of our favorite cocktails, the Mezcal Paloma. To bring this to life, we brewed a light golden ale blended with our iconic wood-aged golden sour, along with ruby red grapefruit, lime extract & salt, and backed with a hand-crafted, custom batch of lightly smoked malt from Troubadour Maltings using organic Texas grapefruit tree wood & prickly pear cactus.

  • ABV


  • IBU





    London Ale III and Proprietary House Mixed Culture

  • HOPS


  • MALT

    Troubadour Ballad, Troubadour Pevec, Troubadour Smoked


Dominga Paloma Sour is easily one of the most challenging & creative brews we’ve ever put in a 6-pack. We’re so proud and excited to share the story of how this lovely beer came to be.

When coming up with the recipe that would be Dominga Paloma, we knew we'd have to find partners that were up for a challenge.

Firstly, we knew we needed to weave in a light smokey character to the beer. Our friends at Troubadour Maltings answered the call with style & grace by offering to make us a custom batch of lightly smoked malt to fit the occasion. But this wouldn’t be your everyday smoked malt using everyday firewood. In a way only our wood cellar blender Lauren Limbach could, she located an orchard in Texas growing organic ruby red grapefruit trees. After a string of complicated logistics, two cords of grapefruit tree wood from South Tex Organics were on their way to Fort Collins.

From there, Dry Land Distillers, makers of smoked cactus and other fine spirits in Longmont, Colorado, came to the rescue with a giant smoker and the selfless gesture of helping steer the smoker ship for over 30 hours. We threw in the grapefruit wood, added a little prickly pear cactus (because, why not?) and Chris at Troubadour Maltings set off on the uncharted trail of malt making. And while this story is awesome, don't let it scare you away, as the flavor is subtle & aims for background enhancement.

Lastly, we blended in a portion of our legendary foeder-aged sour to make the final blend sing, alongside ruby red grapefruit, tangy lime, & a dash of salt. We hope you enjoy this special beer as much as we do. Cheers!

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