Transatlantique Kriek Sour Ale

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Transatlantique Kriek

Cherry Lambic Sour Ale

Winner of a gold medal at the 2018 Great American Beer Festival, Transatlantique Kriek begins its life in oaken vessels of Gert Christiaens’ Oud Beersel, a 130-year-old lambic brewery in the Zenne valley of Belgium – home of authentic Lambic beer. After time spent aging in wood, Oud Beersel’s lambic is blended with tart Polish cherries and shipped across the Atlantic to New Belgium. In concert with Oud Beersel’s cherry lambic, or Kriek, we blend an equal portion of golden sour ale matured for 1 – 3 years in our oak vessels called foeders. 50% Sour Golden Ale blended with 50% Traditional Cherry Lambic Ale leads to an intense cherry nose, a sour flash across the palate and a refreshing, mouthwatering finish.

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Clear, ruby red stained glass, fluffy pink cotton candy foam.


Cherry pie filling and pastry, almonds and vanilla, berry jam, raspberries, hibiscus, green apple.


Fruity sweetness, quickly joined by light bright tartness.


Sprizty, mouthwatering, SweetTart candy. Medium body.






Lager yeast






Pale, Red Wheat, Carapils, Roasted Barley


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