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Care About Cilmate? Your Boss Should See This

New Belgium has gained a huge amount of knowledge about climate action through our own deep investments in making Fat Tire America's first certified carbon neutral beer, and our work to achieve the same across our entire business by 2030.

Now, you can hand your boss all that knowledge completely free, in a simple and easy to follow Carbon Neutral Tookit for Businesses and Employers. Climate action is a central part of Human-Powered Business because it presents existential threats to human health and economic prosperity everywhere – especially the most marginalized communities among us. While our Toolkit was created with breweries in mind, it's applicable to any business that wants to invest with urgency in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, offsetting emissions that remain through high quality clean energy and regenerative agriculture projects, and advocate for policy change to confront the climate crisis.

All this knowledge is sitting in this document, just waiting for you to share with your boss, or your boss's boss, or their boss, or whoever might be an internal champion for climate action. Give it a look – and pass it along!

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