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It’s not a dollar, it’s a ballot

Hi! You found your way here because you’re interested in joining the movement to rehumanize business at a time when it seems like humanity is more of an afterthought in how corporations operate – especially the big ones.

And, like most of us, you buy things. At least occasionally.


It's not a dollar, it's a ballot

The good news is that YOU can be part of the solution simply by doing what many of us do best – eating, buying the products and services you need and enjoy, and, of course, drinking world-class beer from your favorite brand.

In fact, our personal buying power is one of the most important ways we as individuals can send a message to businesses that we want them to do better – for workers, for our communities, and for our planet. If we work collectively as a community of millions of consumers to reward brands and companies following Human-Powered Business principles, change will come. That’s just basic economics!

It’s exciting that so many people are already considering a company’s climate commitments, internal policies and practices, and community initiatives when making their purchases. In fact, 86% of consumers agree that CEOs and businesses must speak out publicly on societal issues, and 84% of Gen Z consumers are more likely to buy products from a brand they see as socially or environmentally responsible.

But it’s a confusing world out there. Every brand has a story about impact and community and purpose. How do we “vote with our dollars” if the ballot is scattered with hard-to-verify claims?


We're here to help

At New Belgium, we’ve spent three decades pioneering a business model we call Human-Powered Business, which recognizes that our coworkers drive our business forward, and in return we work hard to invest deeply in the wellbeing of our coworkers and our communities in everything we do.

We’re not perfect, not at all. But this model guides our work every day. And it can also be used as a tool for all of us to make informed decisions about the businesses and brands we support.

This site is full of resources to help guide you in doing your part to build a more prosperous, equitable, and human-powered future.

Check out the always-growing list of articles below and let us know what you’d like to know that we’re missing HERE.

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