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Oh, Sweetie ... aren't you just the tartest little thing?!? We set out to create a mouth puckering wood-aged dark sour that, upon the first sniff and sip, makes one think they took a bite of a decadent spicy gingerbread. Then, the tartness hits and you are refreshed and ready for the next sip- and the next- and the next. It also might surprise you to know this beer is a makana (gift) for all the dark and sour beer lovers specifically in Hawaii. And to our surprise, there are many, which delights us so!

To create the impossible, we started with a ooey gooey gingerbread porter with loads of molasses, chocolate, caramel and honey malts, with a hefty spicing of ginger, black pepper, cloves and more ginger. We then blended this with our legacy dark sour- Oscar to evoke the tart refreshing finish.

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